HXT 1101 270 cm künstlicher Weihnachtsbaum

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1 piece

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270 cm – EXCLUSIVE christmas tree top class (heavy flammable)

incl. metal stand
2144 tips
diameter (slim) ca. 152 cm
also usable in outer areas
very quick built-up because of folding system/system of an umbrella


This is an artificial christmas tree of premium class with only checked materials being used at it’s fabrication. It’s ideal for allergy sufferers and children. This tree is very hard to inflame (which means it won’t burn, even if a child plays with fire)

In our shop you can buy this tree in the following sizes / diameters:

Hight ca. 120 cm / diameter ca. 76 cm, ca. 446 tips
Hight ca. 150 cm / diameter ca. 91 cm, ca. 620 tips
Hight ca. 180 cm / diameter ca. 106 cm, ca. 824 tips
Hight ca. 195 cm / diameter ca. 114 cm, ca. 984 tips
Hight ca. 210 cm / diameter ca. 121 cm , ca. 1160 tips
Hight ca. 240 cm / diameter ca. 137 cm , ca. 1560 tips
Hight ca. 270 cm / diameter ca. 152 cm , ca. 2144 tips

Advantages of artificial christmas trees:

no allergies
Artificial christmas trees are very suitable for allergic people and children,
Because in contrast to natural christmas trees, they don’t precipitate allergens like for example terpene, which mean a nightmare to many allergic people. Furthermore, Christmas trees often grow on monocultures and get treatened with many pesticides and insecticides. (monocultures are less resistant against environmental influences) Therefore these allergens can also affect on the allergic person, if he’s buying a natural Christmas tree. Thats the reason why more and more peaoble buy artificial trees.

No needles any more...
Natural Christmas trees dry out quickly, as they have been chopped month before Christmas. (Putting it into water wouldn’t change a lot) Severals start losing their needles already at Christmas Eve, as soon as the heating dried them out. This problem doesn’t exist with an artificial Christmas tree.

No stress any more with buying of christmas trees
An artificial Christmas tree gets bought once and it lasts for about 15 years. Which means you won’t have to search a new tree every single year and then have to clean your car for hours.

No stress with getting rid of your tree
Each Christmas draws to a close and each time there is the question: who, how, when and where shall put our Christmas tree? It isn’t as easy as in Sweden where at the “Saint-Knut Day” at the 13th of January every Christmas tree gets thrown out of the window.
So you’ll be saving both your nerves and your time.

Material of high quality gets used

no fire danger
our artificial Christmas trees are fabricated out of materials which are hard to inflame


high incl. stand: 270 cm
Metal stand ca. 60 x 60 cm
diameter (slim): ca. 152 cm
tips: ca. 2144

package ca. 118 x 42 x 42 cm, ca. 22 kg

scope of delivery:
1 x tree and 1 stand in a box

color: green

implied warranty:
24 month

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